What Is An Isagenix Whey Day

One of the best approaches to overcoming a plateau is to consume higher amounts of protein throughout the day. This is sometimes called “Protein Pacing”. Not only will consuming more protein boost your metabolism, but it will also support lean muscle building which in turn will help you lose more weight if you need to.

Isagenix Whey Day

Some Isagenix users found that replacing their cleanse days with a whey protein helped them get over a plateau. So instead of drinking 4 servings for Cleanse For Life on a cleanse day they drink IsaPro instead. Here are some example schedules below but note some of these are old images but the idea is the same today as when they were made.

Whey Day Calenders

During this Whey Day, you would consume 94 grams of Whey Protein which is about 550 calories.

In this schedule, you would have 3 whey days a week and 4 regular shake days.


Belly Buster

Other Isagenix users add extra protein at night before bed. This method eventually began to be called the Isagenix Belly Buster and has helped many people feel less bloated in the morning.

Isagenix 11 Day Shred

An alternative to the 9 Day Cleanse and the Belly Buster to help you lose weight is the 11 Day Shred Pack.
This pack includes the IsaLean Pro which has more protein than the regular Isalean.
The food plan is different in that you eat grass fed meat for your meals for 11 days.

Unique Benefits of Whey Protein You May Not Know

Whey protein has been produced ever since cheesemaking began.
However, for most of its history, whey was thought to be an unimportant byproduct (1).

In the cheesemaking process, a coagulant is added to milk to separate the curds (casein protein) and whey (the water-soluble part of milk) (1).
Whey can then be processed in a more concentrated form and dried into a powder.

The whey protein powder can then be added to various food and dietary supplement products.
Whey offers a very high-quality protein as rated by its biological value, which measures how much of the protein can be utilized.

For example, whey has a biological value of 104, meaning nearly all of the amino acids are used by the body (2).
This once-neglected byproduct is now a highly sought-after protein source not to be wasted.

Immune Support
Whey naturally contains a number of peptides, or short amino acid chains, that have been studied for their immune support benefits.

Two peptides found in whey protein called alpha-lactalbumin and beta-lactoglobulin have been shown to support immune system functioning by boosting white blood cell function and production (3-5). 
White blood cells are involved in protecting the body against infections and foreign bodies.

A compound in alpha-lactalbumin and another component of whey called glycomacropeptide may also enhance the function of a group of white blood cells called macrophages that patrol and scavenge pathogens and foreign substances (6, 7).

Components of whey may even help increase immunity and, in the digestive tract, lead to better absorption of nutrients (8). Therefore, whey protein may provide support to the healthy functioning of the immune system.

Increasing the Antioxidant Glutathione
When examining the amino acid composition of whey, there is a notable amount of cysteine (9).
This amino acid functions as the rate-limiter in the production of the antioxidant glutathione. In our bodies, glutathione plays a critical role in the oxidation-reduction and detoxification processes, which is important for our health (10).
Consuming whey protein on a daily basis has been reported to increase glutathione levels in otherwise healthy individuals (11, 12).

Effects on Appetite
Whey protein may also impart some positive effects on appetite by increasing the feeling of fullness after consumption (13).
Several research studies have noted decreased food intake for meals following servings of whey protein.
Over time, this can reduce overall energy consumption and support weight loss efforts.
In conclusion, whey is more than just a protein.
With these unique features, it may deserve a spot in your diet to help you meet your daily protein and wellness needs