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During my own personal weight loss journey the past few years I have personally struggled with my own personal health and weight loss challenges.  These struggles created a negative effect on my mental and physical health.  I have seen these same struggles in many of my clients and guided them in the right direction, however, when it is happening to you it is a completely different story.  My story started about five years ago and was a bit complex in nature as I was diagnosed as bi-polar. My physicians started treatments, but unfortunately even with proper diet and nutrition, my medications caused me to balloon well over 300lbs. I also started having pain and soreness in my elbow, in which I assumed was just common tennis elbow.  


These symptoms were like what many of my clients have had, and that we successfully worked through during their weight loss journey.  Unfortunately, after physical therapy, massage therapy and a few other treatment methods, I was left with the last option, surgery.   I decided on surgery, and have had a successful outcome, although the road to recovery has been a bit slow.  I have worked closely with my physical therapist; personal trainers and I am getting stronger each day.  


During this weight loss process I explored a few different lines of nutritional products that had a very positive effect on my life.  I noticed a significant increase in energy, mental focus, and I was emotionally recharged.  Within a few months I noticed that I was down to about 262lbs, and I dropped 5 inches off my waist.  I visibly noticed changed in my face and my overall appearance, which kept me motivated to continue this journey.  


I am feeling healthier and stronger every day and I am motivated to help each one of my clients reach the results that they desire with their own weight loss.  Contact me today so that we can create a plan that works for you.  I look forward to working with you on your weight loss journey.


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Noah Hodgin

Weight Loss​
Weight Loss​
Weight Loss​