Weight Loss

Over the last few years I have had my own health and weight challenges. That has effected me on a personal and mental level .As a retired personal trainer I have seen this for many years with my own clients. But when happens to you it’s a Completely different story my journey started about 4 and a half years ago when I was diagnosed with being bi-polar is a real fact some of you don’t know that about me.in the time I was one a medication that ballooned me well over 300 lbs. even with diet and proper nutrition that wasn’t working. As this wasn’t enough I started having issues with my elbow which I figured it was just common tennis elbow which I have dealt with many of my clients before the pain got gradually worse. Started seeing a chiropractor 4-5 days for 6 months which nothing seemed works after going to massage. I realized I needed to have something done. After looking into all the options surgery was really my only choice. which has been a slow recovery process over the last few years from going though physical therapy my own personal trainers and my experience is been a long road to recovery.

About a year ago. I was re-Introduced to a line of products that has completely changed my life. I have seen my energy increase 100% my mental focus is amazing I am thinking more clearly and emotionally I am feeling the best I have in many years. In January the company introduced the new line I dabbled with it started seeing some good results. In February I started taking it seriously and I started to see the changes in the two months I have dropped I from 283-262 Lbs. my waist I have dropped 5 inches I am seeing changes in my face and my overall appearance and my mood is through the roof.in march I was hit with a real blow the company that I had made some change to comp plan they announced that as just July 15 they were no longer going to be a direct sales company the business that myself and all my team was going away.so I found myself lost and in shock so I started to look around for a company that was still in the Health and wellness field as I did my research I came to the conclusion that there was only one company that stood apart from the rest Isagenix.one I made the decision to join Isagenix. I started looking for the right team that fit me best after I decided with the team. I to started slow doing my research I enrolled as a customer starting with the forever pack Immediately started seeing feeling better my energy and sleeping better. I stayed on the forever page and one shake a day for a few month but I wasn’t seeing the results I desired this month I started the 30 day basic Pack and immediately started seeing a difference my close started getting loser my saw a difference in my face and I have never sleep. I have so far lost 7 pounds half way through my first mouth I looking forward to seeing the continued change I am along way from my goal weight but my journey has just began. In January right after New years Kick off I got some earth shattering news again my team that I had grown to love..

Decided to leave Isagenix which after a lot I sole searching I decided to make the move with them I really enjoyed the new Experience and the company but I found after a few month and with combination of quarantine that there nutrition Lacked a lot of key elements and that they didn’t hold a candle to Isagenix product so I started doing my homework looking around I looked at a few company’s and I realized Isagenix had everything I was looking for company products right compensation plan. So I rejoined Isagenix with a fresh Prospective in January I came in with 30 day system I have feeling great after my first week I’m down 10 lbs I’m looking forward to getting back to my pre quarantine weight of 243 I have a long way to go but each day I’m feeling stronger and healthier.