Tonya Mann

3-Star Golden Circle, 11-Star Crystal Executive

I have worked in the industry for 20 years and have been a first year, six-figure income earner in 3 different companies. My background is in psychology and communication and I love working with people. I am certified John Maxwell speaker and trainer as well as an emotional intelligence practitioner, which has helped me learn to work smarter not harder. I always look for companies with natural products that work, a company system that helps people and a compensation plan where anyone can win. Whether it is $250 extra a month or $10,000 a month, everyone should be able to earn income. When I found Isagenix in 2015, I knew I had found my home.

To be honest when I stumbled upon network marketing over 20 years ago, I never knew this industry existed. It sounded too good to be true. Work from home, be a mom and make money, it was exactly what I was looking for. I am a helper by nature, so when I learned it was all about helping people pay bill and getting healthy, I was all in. I had many great mentors and quickly learned the ins and out of the sharing the products and the business with people who were interest. The best part about our Isagenix team was I knew that if there was something I didn’t know the answer was a just a phone call away. We have an amazing upline leadership all the way up to the founder Kathy Coover. I had never been in such a supportive environment; it was like a family.

I believe that building a Isagenix business is about meeting people where they are at. If they want products to get healthier then help them choose what is right for them. If they want to build a business, help them design a plan to earn income. Our Isagenix family wants to see every win, however that looks for you. I look forward to meeting you and finding out how Isagenix can better your life.

Brenden Moore

Brenden Moore has been a Wellness Consultant & Health Advocate for the last 20 years helping countless people to transform their bodies & health. He’s travelled all across the country doing advanced wellness seminars sharing his message of true health. He’s a successful entrepreneur, trainer & coach and is always researching cutting edge wellness & anti-aging information. He’s most passionate about training others to become Wellness Coaches & Entrepreneurs in the emerging trillion dollar Wellness Industry.

Vivian Spinelli

I was morbidly obese for 32 years I tried everything Nothing Work!!!!!….. I never knew how to put myself first ever !!!!….when I was a little girl my mother had an accident when I was 12 years old than our roles reversed …I All of a sudden was the mother !!… She was a bad alcoholic and she almost froze …..ended up with 90% of her body frost bitten !!…her toes got amputated and her hands webbed … poor mother 😢suffered for many years ! So I had to learn how to do dressing changes at a young age and how to pay bills etc ….. Amazingly I finished highschool and went on into Nursing !!…. I had a very good nursing career !! I was one of those nurses that never put herself first !!!!…… Not only was I morbidly obese …I smoked since a young age and also was on a lot of medication for many elements !!….High Blood Pressure , antidepressants, high cholesterol, lots of stomach issues from those famous lapband (Slimband)had to get emergency surgery to remove Slimband as the port twisted and lodged by my pancreas and ended up hospital for many weeks with Pancreatitis…….Gastritis, tear in my stomach , GIST non cancerous tumour that I see a stomach specialist every year now !!!……

You name it I was probably on it or had it !!!… Than my body physically started causing me grief …Basically my knees gave me grief …Long 18 months before surgery to fix a complex tear of my meniscus!!…..knee brace for many months before surgery….. Least to say in my 40’s was very terrible years for me and my health !!!….😢 I went on holidays in May …..with my knee brace and all ….boy that trip cause me so much grief and I look back at pictures and shake my head ….I had to use a wheel chair to go every where !!!…and I was only in my 40’s ….what is wrong with me !!!!! So that trip did something to me ….a week later …… June 1 , 2018 ….I took back my life !!!!…as I call it !!!!!…. I quit smoking , drinking Alcohol for year and Food !!!!….🥘 All at once …. Not sure where I got the strength ….I just took one day at a time and I just quit everything!!!…… The first year I lost 96 pounds !!!!….Wow !!!!..and was I excited to see my stomach doctor but in the end I was soooooo disappointed because I still had issues with my stomach !!!!…OMG talk about a sad day when I should of been so happy !!!! 

So came home and put my thinking cap 🧢on again ….Ok ….what is next !!!…. facebook to the rescue !!!….I said hey peeps can some one direct me to natural pathic doctor ….nutrition etc what ever !!!!…. A lady reached out and Told me about ….ISAGENIX!!!!…… 

I said send me a sample package 📦of the shakes !!!!….. Oh boy talk about a relief !!!!!….. Got hooked onto ISAGENIX!!!!!….. Went to my 2nd yearly stomach check up … about good news !!!! WOW Gastritis cleared up , tear healed , and my tumour shrunk !!!!…..OMG That makes me a believer of ISAGENIX!!!!!…… I have the proof that the only change I made the second year in my health journey ….was introducing ISAGENIX to my routine !!!!….. 

My 3 rd year of my health journey ….I had a set back …physically 😢I couldn’t exercise for many months and I let old habits slowly creep back and I had 41 pound weight gain !!!! Omg what is going on !!!…. Going into my 4 th year of ISAGENIX ….I reached out to new memebers of Isagenix as the lady who enrolled me left Isagenix and went to another line …. So I found great group of new ppl very supportive and found some really cool challenges 10 day or 30 days or 14 days just amazing to do !!!…….and learned a lot more of Isagenix and how to use other products in the line that I never knew how to use !!!!……isacomfort , natural accelerator, etc etc …..happy to say I am down 19 pounds of my 41 lbs weight gain and I am back into a routine of exercise!! And I came out retirement for the Pandemic 😷as the College of Nurse of Ontario asked us retired nurses to come out in work ….happy to say I am full time COVID Tester !!…nothing like jumping out of the fire 🔥pan and into the fire 🔥lol ….. So yes I am a believer a very hard believer that ISAGENIX !!!!……is the best !!!!! Ps .my husband finally started doing a shake a day !!…woot woot only took me 3 yrs lol 😂I have a moto … A shake a day keeps all MY doctors away !!!!……lol Cheers ….to ISAGENIX !!

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