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Noah Hodgin

Hi I am Noah Hodgin, a native of California and a coach for over 10 years, my job is to help clients reach their goals through my services. I have helped over 100 clients thru more than 1,000 sessions. My coaching style and approach are genuine, honest, and meaningful. I was inspired to become a personal trainer through my own experiences as a high school and collegiate athlete. Throughout my years on the wrestling team, I discovered a deep passion for fitness, team building and wanting to help others meet their health and fitness goals. I took a small hiatus due to injury but my passion and desire to help others always remained. 

Strength Building
Body Building
Weight Loss
Weight Gain
General Overall Fitness


Certified Wellness Coach, Spencer institute
Certified Personal Trainer, ISSA
Ace Practical Training Workshop Ace Certification Review Course Analyzing Popular Diets Angles, Positions, Variations, of Upper Body Angles, Positions, Variations, of Lower Body Bosu Strength and Athletic Conditioning for Personal Trainers Bosu Sports Performance Stand Right for Your Posture Type Post rehab athletes competitive: knee injury Gait mechanics and the lower kinetic chain Core strength Back Health: A new look Base Training Advanced Biomechanics

My Ideal Client

Everyday people struggling with weight loss, Weight Gain, overall fitness challenges.  Motivated individuals who value accountability, and constructive feedback.  Clients who can benefit from my expertise in exercise physiology and designing fitness and nutrition programs for men and women.

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Team Tonya Mann

Tonya Mann

3-Star Golden Circle, 11-Star Crystal Executive

Tonya has been in the health and wellness industry for over 20 years and is the first year, six-figure earner within three different companies. 

Her background is vast in psychology and communication as her passion is helping people. She is also a proud certified speaker and trainer for, John Maxwell as their emotional intelligence practitioner. 

This has led her to learn to work smarter not harder! Always finding  companies with natural products that work, a company system that helps people and a compensation plan where anyone can win. 

Tonya believes that building a Isagenix business is about meeting people where they are at. If they want products to get healthier, she loves to help them choose what is right for them. If they want to build a business, she jumps right in and shows a plan to earn income.

Team Brenden Moore

Brenden Moore

Brenden Moore has been a Wellness Consultant & Health Advocate for the last 20 years helping countless people to transform their bodies & health. He’s travelled all across the country doing advanced wellness seminars sharing his message of true health. He’s a successful entrepreneur, trainer & coach and is always researching cutting edge wellness & anti-aging information. He’s most passionate about training others to become Wellness Coaches & Entrepreneurs in the emerging trillion dollar Wellness Industry.  We have happy to have Brenden on the Noah Hodgin team.

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