Before and After

Come check out my client’s before and after health and fitness journey for the past 10 years! These images truly do speak for themselves and all of my clients’ hard work and dedication to a better, healthier lifestyle and future. 

Fitness is a journey that can be challenging, especially when you are starting out. Everyone experiences five stages of change, including precontemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, and maintenance. Individuals do not intend to take action in the precontemplation phase, but rather to think about changing aspects of their lives in the contemplation phase. The idea of making a lifestyle change can seem overwhelming to people, which can lead to them becoming stuck in their health journey. This is where I come in.

I will help you in all aspects and keep you encouraged on your health journey. With over 10+ years as a wellness coach, health coach, lifestyle coach, fitness coach, personal trainer, provider for health & wellness supplements, diet plans, dietary programs, weight loss programs, fat loss programs, muscle building, workout plans and much more to help with your overall health & wellness. 

During my own personal weight loss journey the past few years I have personally struggled with my own personal health and weight loss challenges.  These struggles created a negative effect on my mental and physical health.  I have seen these same struggles in many of my clients and guided them in the right direction, however, when it is happening to you it is a completely different story.  

As your coach, I will be pushing you to be the best version of yourself. My coaching style and approach are genuine, honest, and meaningful. I was inspired to become a personal trainer through my own experiences as a high school and collegiate athlete. 

Remember, a small change can have a life-changing impact and I can’t wait to sit down and review in more detail how I can help you and your journey!

Interested in Life Changing Fitness Goals?