Health itself is a choice: a decision a client makes moving towards optimal health. Health becomes a way of life. Health is a lifestyle the coach designs with the client to help the client achieve his or her highest potential for well-being. 



You need high quality supplements to maximize your nutrient absorption and in turn boost your metabolism, appetite control, and ability to hold onto hard-earned muscle. I have put my trust in Modere products. I have worked with many different health companies and have found that Modere’s products are the only ones I would recommend.



I teach you how to pair the right proteins, fats and carbohydrates and how to eat the right foods at the right times and of course the right amounts so as to optimize nutrition for energy and fat loss. In other words, we do not dwell on calories or extreme restrictions. Instead, we focus on adding the right nutrients to achieve your goals.



Moving your body in any way is a good thing. However, there are definitely some workouts that are better than others when it comes to fat loss. Sharing your goals allows me, as your coach, to make appropriate recommendations to best serve you.

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