11 Hacks For Better Tasting Protein Shakes & Smoothies

Protein is considered one of the most important nutrients for building muscle and maintaining your fitness which is why you see so many people drinking protein shakes and eating protein bars these days.

I find it really hard to get all my protein needs in with my regular meals so I drink a shake most days of the week.

Also, admittedly I don’t want to eat a chicken salad every day for lunch nor spend all evening in the kitchen meal prepping.

How about you?

Would adding a tasty protein shake help you stay on track?

To help you get the most out of your wellness journey, below are some useful hacks to bring variety to your protein shakes and breakfast smoothies.

1. Try Out Different Recipes

One of the best hacks to never lose track of your fitness and stay true to your goals is to keep switching up your protein shake recipes.

This will bring a variety to your healthy diet and will help you get to know which recipe takes more time than the others.

Moreover, you will have a variety to choose from, and you won’t have to tell yourself every other day, “oh, it’s time to drink another boring drink.”

I know Ghost chips ahoy or Nutter Butter recipes might sound good but remember if you add bad stuff to your shake you’ll be defeating the purpose.

Check out my post, Isagenix shake recipes for ideas to change up the flavor without sacrificing your health.

2. Buy The Best Blender You Can Afford

One of the most frequent complaints that people have about protein shakes is that they don’t taste good.

The reason for this often has more to do with the blender than the actual ingredients.

If you don’t have a good blender that crushes the ice or mixes thoroughly then you won’t enjoy your protein shake.

If you are on the go and need to make your shake on the run then using a portable

3. Add Healthy Fats And Fiber

You’ve probably been advised to avoid as many fats as possible in order to stay healthy but the reality is our bodies need fat. Fat is used by our body just like protein and carbs are but just don’t overdo them. Good fats are important for brain health, and fiber helps you feel full and keeps you from overeating. Moreover, when your protein powder tastes too plain to drink, adding some good fats such as coconut oil or avocado will make it taste better.

4. Try Different Shake Flavors

As mentioned earlier, sticking to your routine and goals isn’t easy if the shake your drinking gets old. Keeping in line with that, you can also spruce up your plain protein shake’s taste using different flavors. This will let you enjoy your health-related aspirations without depriving your taste buds. So instead of trying different recipes, you could opt to buy different shake flavors to have on hand. The most popular protein supplement flavors are chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. For instance, having the base protein shake flavor as chocolate then you can use different recipes.

5. Avoid Processed And Unhealthy Ingredients

Since we have just talked about trying out new flavors to bring variety to your diet and fitness goals, there are some things that you should be mindful of in order not to ruin your health. These things include watching for artificial flavoring, food coloring, denatured protein, and the wrong type of sweeteners. Stay away from surculose (Splenda) and aspartame (NutraSweet) because sweeteners will only make your cravings for junk food worse. Before you grab the big protein canister at Costco or buy the latest brand advertised on Tiktok check out the label for the ingredients. For instance, when researching shake flavors I discovered “Ghost Lifestyle” which contains Hydrolyzed Whey, artificial flavors, sucralose, and red food dye #40 in their whey supplement.